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Rebel in Petticoats
by Nancy Gentry.

The activities and suggested ideas are an excellent guide for a study of these novels and a helpful supplement to a study of the Civil War. Everything is free for use in the classroom. The resources include activities for vocabulary study, comprehension, book report writing, story plotting, and creative thinking skills. All resources are downloadable PDF files that can be easily reproduced.

My books were written to help young readers (grades 5-high school) better understand the Civil War through an enjoyable story. It not only teaches the historical facts but also allows the reader to experience, through the characters of the story, the effect it had on the people who lived through it. Teachers are discovering that the books spark their students’ interest in this most important time in our American history, opening the door for further learning about it. These books along with the resources here will be a valuable supplement to any study of the Civil War.

If you have any suggestions or comments for Mrs. Gentry, please use the contact page to let her know. Hearing from teachers and students has been the most beneficial and enjoyable aspect of writing the book and designing the activities.

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Rebel in Petticoats

In 1861 ten-year-old Rachel Franklin and her family are pulled into the midst of the Civil War. Though at first the glory of fighting for the southern Cause brought pride and excitement into the Franklin home, the truth of war’s hardships soon become apparent.
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Little Blue, Little Gray

It wasn’t the thoughts of tomorrow that kept Charlie from his sleep. It was the sounds of today’s fight that horrified him now. The cries of the wounded men left on the field burned in his ears.
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Tod Comes Home

On a day that was meant to be filled with celebration and fanfare at the return of Captain Tod Carter, his family and sweetheart Sarah Beth feel a heavy anxiousness grow as the Federals set up camp in the front yard of the Carter House.
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More books by Nancy Gentry

The World of Ivy

It is May 1940 as Ivy finishes her 5th grade year in Tucker’s Bayou of Arkansas. Ivy loves learning but hates school. She doesn’t fit in with those silly, prissy girls in their fancy lace dresses.
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The Secret and the Sunday Rose

Nine-year-old Jodie loves baseball more than anything. But in 1951 baseball is exclusively a boys’ game, and even though Jodie is a far better player than most boys her age, she is not allowed to join the team.
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River of Fire

River of Fire is the most recent historical fiction for young readers by Nancy Gentry. The story takes you on a journey up the Mississippi River on the Sultana’s final, disastrous voyage.
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